why do cats sit on paper

why do cats sit on paper

why do cats sit on paper

It may be strange to think about, but why do cats sit on paper? For the most part, cats prefer to sit or nap on any soft, cozy surface, including the tops of people’s heads. Even so, cats often choose paper to curl up on.

One possible reason why cats may sit on paper is purely out of preference. Cats have their own distinct personalities, just like humans, and some cats may simply prefer the feel of paper over other types of surfaces. Paper has a cool feel to it, and cats are drawn to temperatures that are lower than most humans are comfortable with.

Paper may also be attractive to cats for its texture. Many cats like to scratch their claws and gently play-bite things. Paper is soft yet rigid enough to hold up to the cat’s advances, offering an outlet for these natural behaviors. The paper may even sound appealing to cats, as paper tends to make a crinkly noise when the cat moves around on it.

Finally, cats may use paper to mark their territory. Cats reach out to their surroundings with pheromones, which are scent and chemical signals cats release to communicate. These pheromones are secreted from cats’ cheeks, paws, and tail glands, and they stick to dusty surfaces and objects like paper. In some cases, cats may use paper as a tool to inform other cats who owns their space.

Overall, cats may sit on paper for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s because they prefer the feel of it, the texture, the sound, or even to let other cats know who’s in charge, cats have a surprisingly strong affinity for paper. So the next time you see your cat cuddled up on a pile of paper, you’ll know why.

Most pet owners have wondered why cats have a tendency to sit on papers, books, and other items of interest. While we may never definitively answer this question, there are a few things we can surmise.

Heat seekers. Cats are heat seekers by nature, and newspapers and books provide a warm spot where they can curl up. This is especially true if they are placed in sunlight or near heating vents. In a sense, it can be seen as a survival tactic as cats instinctively seek out warmth.

Creating a fort. Cats also enjoy making themselves comfy within their environment. Sitting on top of rolled up newspapers and books may help them to create an enclosed space that they feel protected in. This is especially true for cats that have spent any time outside before joining your family as they may have previously sought out such places for protection.

Scent marking. Cats are known to be creatures of habit, often selecting a certain corner, chair, or other spot to become their go-to hangout area. Placing a newspaper or book in a particular spot can act as an anchor for your furry friend, helping keep track of the area as his.

Due to the nature of domestic cats, it’s likely that their behavior of sitting on paper or books is all a part of their instinctual behavior as previous generations, who lived outdoors. By understanding some of the potential motivation behind a cat’s behavior, we can better understand and appreciate our cats’ habits and tendencies.