Why Does My Cat Hit Me with Her Tail?

Why Does My Cat Hit Me with Her Tail? Many animals who have their tails, when use to move them is for specific signal or message. But it could vary from animal to animal. For dog specific movement means something else, but that same move might show some other signal or message.

Why Does My Cat Hit Me with Her Tail

Here are some movements of cats & what does it means:

  1. Upright, held high: it means happy and confident & in this, you should offer playtime to your pet
  2. Curled at the top like a question mark: it means friendly & you should offer your hand to your pet for sniffing
  3. Straight down: it means feeling aggressive & you should try to neutralize whatever is upsetting her
  4. Curved beneath the body: it means submissive or nervous & you should wait for her to come to you
  5. Puffed: it means scared and angry & you should leave her alone in this
  6. Whipping back and forth: it means fearful and angry & you shouldn’t try for quality snuggle time with an angry cat
  7. Swaying slowly from side to side: it means she’s focused & let your cat follow her interest

In common term, we know about the wagging tail of the dog. But the same behavior in a cat is often not the same. Cats use their tails to express their emotions and feeling & some time to get attention.

Why Does My Cat Hit Me with Her Tail?


This behavior is shown by the cats when they are showing interest in something they want. Mostly this is observed in a kitten. As they grow up, something new is coming up in her territory. When this is happening, her tail is wagging with slow movements, having straight ears and focusing on the object she wants. In this case, your cat might hit you with her tail if you are not giving her attention. Because she wants you to get engage with her and fulfill her demand.



When cats are hunting prey in the wild, then they have a specific movement of their tail. Its movement is like slight swishes. But some domestic cats have wagging tail in this situation. This behavior is also seen at domestic level where some other pets live with cats in that specific home who are natural prey to them. In this regard, a cat might hit you from her tail when her excitement is too high for something she is urging for.

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