why does my cat lay on my stomach when i’m pregnant

why does my cat lay on my stomach when i’m pregnant

why does my cat lay on my stomach when i'm pregnant

Cats are known for their love and attention, and when you’re pregnant your cat might be no exception. It is said that cats have a special ability to sense human pregnancy, instinctively reacting to changes in mood and behavior. During pregnancy, a hormonal shift occurs in both human and cat, creating a connection between them. As a result, cats may feel a stronger and more intense connection with pregnant humans, making them more likely to seek out physical connection.

When a cat lays on a pregnant woman’s stomach, it could be a sign of comfort, affection, and protection. Many veteran cat owners have found that their cats will naturally become extra cuddly when their human is pregnant. It likely has to do with your cat’s sensitive ability to sense pregnancy and its intuitive need to care for its person.

In addition, another reason why your cat may lay on your stomach is that cats naturally like warmth. Abdominal heat, increased during pregnancy, is inviting and calming to cats. Since cats are natural predators, they feel safe and secure when they can burrow themselves and become unexposed.

Ultimately, your cat’s motivation for lying on your stomach when you’re pregnant may never be known; but it could just be a sign of extra love and devotion. Whether you’re pregnant or not, your cat may likely enjoy being close to you. A study conducted by Oxford University concluded that cats who feel contentment and security in the presence of their owners will lay close and enjoy physical affection.

So rest assured, when your cat lays on your stomach while you’re pregnant, it’s likely a sign of their love and devotion. Enjoy it while it lasts, as the two of you bond together in preparation for the new addition to your family.

When expecting a new bundle of joy, many people often forget to consider how their pet will be affected. Apart from lifestyle changes, expectant mothers should also be aware of the additional attention their furry friend may show during pregnancy. One of the most common behaviors is for a cat to sometimes lay on a pregnant woman’s stomach—which may leave some expecting mothers with more questions than answers.

The act of cats laying on pregnant stomachs is actually a way to ensure that the cat still maintains a close bond with its beloved human. During pregnancy, it is likely that the woman’s body heat and scent changes as her body prepares for the new addition. Cats are very sensitive creatures, often reacting to even the smallest of changes in their environment. As such, laying on a pregnant woman’s stomach helps the cat to feel closer and more connected to their human.

The additional benefits of stomach-rubbing include health benefits for both the expecting mother and the cat. When the cat lays on a pregnant woman’s stomach, gentle petting and massaging of the cat can decrease levels of stress hormones, helping both to feel more relaxed. Furthermore, the pressure generated from the cat being on the human’s stomach can provide a calming effect on expecting mothers, helping to reduce levels of anxiety and even alleviating symptoms of nausea.

Overall, it is clear that the reasons behind cats laying on pregnant stomachs are far more than aesthetic. Not only do cats require a sense of closeness during moments of change, but it can also help to reduce the expecting mother’s stress levels and help her feel more relaxed. Although it may seem strange, a pregnant woman’s furry friend can also benefit from the experience—providing healthy doses of relaxation and calmness.