why does my cat open her mouth when i pet her

why does my cat open her mouth when i pet her


Why Does My Cat Open her Mouth When I Pet Her?


Unravelling the mysteries of cats and their behavior

Tagline: Get to know why cats open their mouths when being petted and how to interpret their behavior.

Introduction: Like all cats, yours may sometimes open her mouth when you pet her; leaving you wondering why she does this. This behavior is known as “bunting”; and its a sign of affection. This article investigates why cats do this, so you can better understand your feline friend.

Q & A:

    • Q: What does it mean when my cat opens her mouth when being petted?


    • A: Your cat is likely trying to mark you with its scent. This behavior is known as “bunting”; and it is a sign of contentment and affection.


    • Q: Should I be worried if my cat opens her mouth while I’m petting her?


    • A: No. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. In fact, cats are very affectionate creatures, so it’s likely she’s simply feeling content when she does this.


Conclusion: Most cats love being petted, which is why they will sometimes open their mouths when you are petting them. It is a sign that your cat is feeling happy and relaxed. If your cat bunts your hand or head, she’s showing her love.


Bunting is an endearing way for cats to show their affection and it is great to be able to understand and interpret their body language.

So, the next time that your cat opens her mouth while you are petting her, you will know it is a sign of contentment and joy and you can take comfort in the knowledge that your pet loves you and loves when you show her affection.

Bonus Tip: When you are petting your cat, be sure to also pay attention to her tail. A happy cat will usually have a relaxed and swaying tail; while an unhappy or stressed cat will have a tensed or tucked tail.

What are other ways a cat shows affection?

1. Sleeping next to you

2. Head butting

3. Following you around

4. Purring

5. Kneading

6. Giving ‘love bites’

7. Grooming you

8. Licking you

9. Sitting or lying on you

10. Staring into your eyes

11. Playing games with you

12. Blinking slowly

13. Meowing for attention

What behaviors do cats exhibit when they are happy?

1. Purring

2. Rubbing their head and body against people, walls, and furniture

3. Kneading (rolling around and pushing against things with their paws)

4. Flattening their ears

5. Rolling around and playing

6. Relaxed and slow blinks

7. Meowing or chirping

8. Holding their tail and body high And close to their body

9. Licking you or other pets

10. Relaxed and swaying tail Do you have a feline companion that opens its mouth when you pet it? If so, you’re not alone. This behavior, known as “flehmen,” is a common response for cats.

Flehmen is a way for cats to assess their environment. When your cat opens its mouth and inhales deeply, it is collecting information and evaluating its surroundings. The behavior is often associated with cat pheromones. These pheromones are released through the cat’s saliva and skin, and they contain important information about the cat’s health, age, and even mood.

It’s important to note that flehmen is not a sign of aggression. On the contrary, it is often a sign of contentment and pleasure. Your cat is displaying a behavior that is perfectly normal and should not be a cause for concern.

However, if your cat is displaying flehmen behavior more frequently or with more intensity than usual, it could be a sign of stress or anxiety. If this is the case, you may want to speak to your veterinarian about ways to reduce your cat’s stress.

In summary, flehmen is a normal behavior for cats. It is a way for cats to collect information about their environment and assess their surroundings. While the behavior is not a sign of aggression, if your cat is displaying it more than usual, you may want to speak to a veterinarian about potential causes of stress or anxiety.

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