why do cats knock things over?

why do cats knock things over

why do cats knock things over ?

why do cats knock things over ? We have all seen infinite scenes of our uncontrolled cat hitting things and surely this has led us to ask ourselves why do cats like knocking things over.

The truth is that we must understand them because they have good reasons to do so.


why do cats knock things over

Predatory nature �Why do cats knock things over?

This is because cats like to play with their prey. We cannot forget that in their nature they are hunters, they look for small mammals and small birds; and before they even kill him they will be having a long time with them.

In our home, they simply substitute prey for objects, and this is why we see that cats knock stuff off counters or knock things on the floor.

This is one of the reasons why do cats knock things over. However it is not the only one, the other is that they just get bored and throw things for fun. They are very skilled and fast movements attract them, so they create their own game by pushing things and going for them.

Now you know why do cats knock things over. If our cat has little activity at home or we do not play with them, rest assured that it will be common to see him throw things on the floor to enjoy the movements and noise of falling things.

But consider the fact that if you give your cat more attention, he could spend less time kicking your stuff.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Off Shelves?

They are smart, they know when someone is upset about something they have done and if your cat wants to get your attention, they will use it against you because it will also amuse them to see your reaction. This is an attitude that they also develop, as well as children.

If you have more than one cat, consider the fact that they will play with each other and have a good time hitting things with their hind legs.