Why Do Cats Lick When You Scratch by Their Tail?

Why Do Cats Lick When You Scratch by Their Tail

Why Do Cats Lick When You Scratch by Their Tail ?

Why Do Cats Lick When You Scratch by Their Tail ? No house pets enjoy attention like a cat. They are sociable, friendly, playful, active and enjoy being pampered. However, you will only feel this cat attitude when the cat wants it and not you; they rarely come to their bosses when they are summoned, but when they feel like it.

Cats have different personalities. While you will find some characters endearing, some will put you off instantly. Before you know your cat, you might be tempted to ask yourself why cats lick when you scratch by their tail, why they wiggle their bums and why they like moving their kittens.

Why Do Cats Lick When You Scratch by Their Tail

So, why do cats lick when you scratch by their tail?

The tail is the cat’s communication channel. Through it, the cat portrays affection, dissatisfaction and contentment. This loyal pet will raise its tail to the tip when greeting you and wag the tail to show its affection towards you. Cats do not like to be touched at the base of their tails because of the sensitivity attached to these areas.

Female cats specifically find it indecent and will get agitated because this area is near their genital organs. In addition to the indecency, scratching the base of the tail provokes the cat into a sexual mood. In response, it will tuck the tail inwards to let you know that you are making it nervous. As for the female cat, this indecent touch is not condoned because it reminds her of the painful experience of mating.

What happens when you scratch a cat near the tail?

Apart from indicating the mood, the cat also uses the tail for balance. Though the cat is not so agitated in response to emotions, its tail will speak more than words. You probably have noted some weird characters when you scratch a cat’s tail and might be wondering why it decided to retreat to solitude. As a cat owner, understanding your cat’s feelings and emotions is essential.

Cats are curious and overly friendly, but that does not mean they crave for your attention every waking minute. If not socialized properly, cats can grow to be very timid. The secret with cats is once you know them, you will understand their preferences.